Maintaining your spectacle lenses

Maintaining your spectacle lenses

We clean our homes, maintain our cars and do many things, Did you know that your spectacle lenses also need care and maintenance, as it is something you see through, to look at the world clearer. With moving time, people have stopped using glass lenses as they are heavier than plastic lenses and more easily broken, but they have their own benefit of getting less scratched comparing to plastic lenses. Plastic lenses get scratched easily, so it is recommended to choose good quality lenses as they come with good scratch resistive coat, hydrophobic coat and smudge resistance coat (which are required for any plastic lens). All these properties add to the life of the lenses. In this blog, we have mentioned some do's and don'ts for your glasses: 

Do's : 

  • Try to clean your lenses once daily.
  • Always use a lens cleaning solution to clean your lenses. First you spray it on both sides of your spectacle lenses and then take a soft tissue and wipe it off. And finally you can clean it with the cloth which you get along with your glasses. 
  • Always store your glasses in a spectacle case when you are not using them. People usually forget to remove them when they sleep. 
  • When you keep your glasses in the case, the lenses should be placed such a way, that they should face the cloth provided.
  • Try to avoid wearing glasses while playing sports, if you do, wear a sports band along with the specs, so that when you jump or do any hard movements the glasses don't fall off. 

Don'ts :

  • Don't just use any cleaning solution or soap to clean your lenses. Different chemicals may ruin your lenses coating and they may start peeling off. 
  • Don't use any cloth to wipe your lenses clean. Many people have habit of cleaning their lenses with clothes they wear. Doing so will scratch the lenses.
  • Never keep your glasses here and there, even if you do, don't keep the lenses facing the surface. Normally you get cases along with spectacles, so try storing them in that. 
  • Avoid keeping your glasses anywhere near heat like your car's dashboard or kitchen. Due to heat, the coating of your lenses will start peeling off and you won't be able to see clear. 
  • Don't touch your lenses. Touching them makes them stained for which smudge resistance coat is provided. Touching your lenses will often require cleaning, too much cleaning also tends to scratches. 
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