Detailed descriptions of spectacles and contact lenses that we deal

Spectacle Frames

You will find our collection exclusive and the reason behind that, is that we have stocked frames and sunglasses from various brands, who have passed our quality criteria. Also we make sure that we provide you with many quality eyewear choices at reasonable price.

Our frame brands are:


Priced between Rs.1600 to Rs.3500. The frame brand is quite famous around the country and it has good classy designs. 


Has sporty, flexible and light weight collections. Most of the collection is of tr90 material and remaining is acetate. 

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This particular brand has different shapes and variant color options and they are priced between Rs.1600 and Rs.2500. The material of the frames are acetate. You can find many celebrity kind of shapes. 


Simple, not too gaudy, but with decent color options. Has various material options of frame, like Acetate, tr90, Stainless steel and titanium. From sturdy to light weight it has all the options. The price range is between Rs.1200 to Rs.4000


As the name itself gives the idea of colors. It has various vibrant color options. The frames are of acetate material. They are priced at Rs.1500. 

David Jones:

Low range premium eyewear. It has funky mixed with classy, spectacle frame designs. You can find various shape options and dual colored frames. It has collection for various age groups. It is priced between Rs.2500 and Rs.5000. 



Ray Ban 


French Connection

Calvin Klein 



Contact Lenses