Eyewear Size guide

How to select suitable sized frame for your face? Quite tricky! But need not to worry, we have found a simple and accurate way of finding measurement to choose the right size frame for your face without doing lot of work or research on the internet. 

Items you will require to measure your face:

Sewing thread.

A marker.

A scale.



Step 1:

Take the thread, hold the starting of it at the top ear joining up to the end of your eyebrows.

Holding thread from ear to eyebrow 
Mark a point on the thread with a marker, where the thread touches your tip of eyebrow. Then holding the thread at the place where you marked, extend it to another end of the eyebrow tip. Again, mark the thread where the thread touches your eyebrow tip.
Step 2:


Now stick one end of the thread (the end which was kept on the ear) with cello tape, pull it straight and stick the other end same way. Take the scale and measure it from first marked space upto the second marked space. And with the help of below table you can categorize your face size. 


We have categorized 4 sizes in adults, out of which 3 are common sizes:

135 mm - 138mm   Small
138 mm-145mm  Medium
150 mm above  Large



The suitable frame widths for above sizes are: 

Small: 123mm - 130mm

Medium: 130mm - 135mm

Moderate: 135mm - 145mm

Large: 145 mm above