How to place contact lens order?

Before ordering contact lenses, you first need to confirm your contact lens power. Usually the contact lenses power is lesser than spectacle prescription power, in case of high powers (power above -3.25)

We have provided a chart below for converting your spectacle power into contact lens power

Up to -3.25 sphere your spectacle prescription will remain same, above that the power is 0.25 less (Let it be minus or plus). The first vertical column is of sphere and first horizontal column is of cylinder. 

If you have ONLY spherical power:

Above is a sample Eye power prescription of those who have only spherical power. In ONLY spherical power prescription, CYL (Cylindrical) column and AXIS  column will be empty. To see spherical contact lens options click on this link.

For spherical powers "Spherical"  will be mentioned in our Product title. After you select the contact lens, you have to select weather your power is Plus (+) or Minus (-) below power type section. After you choose power type, a dropdown menu will appear, where you will have to select your power.

Both eyes have 2 different spherical powers:

The above given sample prescription has different powers in both eyes, in right eye it is -2.00sph (Minus power) and left eye it is +1.50sph (Plus power). In this case, while placing order for contact lenses, you will have to add contact lens product two times to cart seperately, once choosing plus (+) POWER TYPE, after which you will be redirected to cart, from there select continue shopping and search the product by its name in search bar

                  Search bar

or You can select Spherical in power type under Contact lens option in navigation/menu bar and select spherical under power type and choose the same contact lenses.


If you have cylindrical power: 

In the above prescription, you can see the CYL (Cylindrical) column and AXIS column is filled, which means you have astigmatism. 

"Astigmatism" will be mentioned in product title for cylindrical power contact lenses. (NOTE: Before placing order please check power range column in product description. Power range tells you the power combination availability. Some combinations may not be available) After you have selected the power, if you have different powers in both the eyes select 2 quantity.