Maintenance of Spectacle Lenses

Maintenance of lenses: 

(I) Never place your spectacles such a way (inverted) that the lenses are in contact with any rough surface. They can be kept inverted in a case, as inside of a case has smooth cloth surface.

(ii) When not using them, store in the case provided. Avoid keeping them in your pocket along with keys/pens. 

(iii) Always use the soft cloth to clean lenses, that are provided with them. Do not clean them with your own cloth that you are wearing.

(iv) Never place your glasses under heat conditions e.g., car dashboard or kitchen. As heat can damage lens coating and you may have problem seeing through them. 

(v) Do not use any soap water to clean the lenses. Clean them with appropriate spectacle lens cleaning solution. You can even use soft tissue to wipe the solution off. 

(vi) Avoid touching your lenses often, even if you have premium lenses i.e., lenses having smudge resistance, dust repellence and hydrophobic coating. It may take longer for premium coated lenses to get scratched compared to any other regular lenses. 

(vii) If your lenses coating starts peeling off within warranty period, give them to your optician immediately and ask for replacement. Do not apply any chemicals on the lenses. 

(viii) Since nowadays, people only opt for plastic lenses, there are many people with high powers, who use glass material spectacle lenses (it's because they are thinner compared to plastic lenses, but are heavier and fragile), they have to avoid wearing glasses while playing any sports (you can use contact lenses in place of that). Glass lenses aren't shatter proof, so even if they are dropped from low heights, they can break.