Our spectacle prescription Lenses

We have made sure all our spectacle/prescription lenses meet our quality Standards. Prescription lenses are worn to correct ones refractive error, so they have to be purely transparent to let the light pass through and completely enter the eyes, not altering any shapes or colors of things that one sees. 

Further, coming to properties of lenses: 

1) Scratch resistance coating- This coating is necessary to maintain the lenses transparency. It prevents the lenses from getting certain amount of scratches and rest depends on the maintenance of the user. Know how to take care of your spectacle lenses.

2) Anti-reflection coating - This coating is necessary for those who drive at night or work on system. How actually it helps is, it reduces 25-30 glare that comes from head on lights while driving. There has not been any discovery done till now, that can completely/100% block the glares. One more advantage of these lenses are, the wearer's eyes are seen better by others (as shown below).

3) Smudge resistance - This coating comes with premium lenses (Essilor, Zeiss or VRX lenses. All these brands give their lenses coating by different names. Essilors premium coating goes by the name 'Crizal', Zeiss's premium coating goes by the name 'Dura vision platinum' and Vrx's premium lens coating goes by the name 'Satin+'). Even though, it has been advised not to touch lenses, some people do, for them, this coating is necessary to prevent smudge i.e., fingerprints don't get formed, hence the transparency of lenses are maintained for long.

4) Hydrophobic coating - Another coating, that contributes to the transparency of lenses. As the name itself says, it prevents water from making stains on the lenses. This coating comes only along with premium lenses (Essilor/Vrx/Zeiss)

5) Blue Blocker coating - if you are a computer user and your working hours in front of system is longer than 4 hours, then lenses with this coating are recommended. Modern digital devices emit blue rays, which are harmful for one's eyes, when exposed for longer duration. Not only that, it also effects your circadian rhythm i.e., Untimely sleep. Our regular Blu-Block lenses, by default come along with Anti-reflection+ scratch resistance coating and the blue light is completely blocked, but according to research some part of blue light is essential for our eyes, this feature is available with our premium lenses (Essilor/Zeiss/Vrx). 


 Difference between our Regular and Premium lenses:


                                         Regular                                Premium Lenses

    Scratch resistive coat                                              
Anti-reflective coat                                              
Blue-Blocking coat                                              
Hydrophobic coat                                             
Smudge resistive coat                                             
Warranty on coating              6 months                     2-3 years