What contact lens to choose?

If you don't have any idea about reading eye power prescriptions, click on this link to know more.

Before opting for contact lenses, you need to answer this question:

Why do you need them?

Once you have answered this question, it will be easy for you to choose the right contact lenses.


You get Contact lenses according to their usability as follows:

Monthly disposable:  Monthly disposable come in 6 lenses pack i.e., each contact lens is stored in a sachet (like the one in below)

 and they are packed in a set of 6 (in a box). Each lens you can use it upto 30 times, per usage (Hours of continuous wear) depending on the material. (Modern contact lens material are Majorly divided as, Hydrogel and Silicone Hydrogel. There are still other materials available in the market, but they are too old, so their production have become less overtime, as people are upgrading to newer lens materials). The only difference you need to understand about this material is that, Your hours of continuous wearing/usage varies. Hydrogel material is slightly of a older technology, but its users are vast. But the most advanced contact lens material of this era is Silicone Hydrogel.

Hydrogel lenses are recommended to be used for only 8 hours or maximum up to 12 hours. Whereas, Silicone Hydrogel lenses can be worn even opto 24hours (Not usually recommended by Practitioners).   

If you have different powers in both eyes, you have to buy 2 boxes of lenses, which will be a 6 months supply. Same goes for daily disposable.

Daily Disposable: You get them in 30 sets just like monthly. Each lens can be used for a day and then be disposed. One more thing to note is that, the whole box(or any contact lens pack, let it be monthly, daily or yearly disposable) have expiry date on them. Each lens unused/not opened from the sachet, has that much of shelf life. So suppose, a 6 set of lens box has expiry date of 05/2027, the unopened sachets can be used till the year of 2027 and before the month of May.

Yearly disposable lens: These lenses once opened can be used how many ever times within a year. Recommended per usage is upto 8-12 hours, after which it's supposed be rinsed well with contact lens solution (Same goes for monthly and weekly as well. But more frequently in case of yearly lenses, as you have to use them for a whole year and deposits keep forming over the lens surface, which make them hard, the cause for foreign body sensation in your eyes while wearing them) These you get , 1 lens sachet in a box, So, you will have to buy 2 quantities, even if you have same power in both eyes.


Let's come back to the question, why are you buying them?

Because You loose your glasses often, keeping them here and there?

Long hours of wearing glasses makes hard spot on your nose?

You don't want people to know that you wear glasses?

These are just 2-3 reasons we have listed from our buyers, wherease, there may be too many. 

Each contact lens have advantage and disadvantage over each other. You may have to spend a bit more onto lenses which you are going to change every day or every month compared to the ones that you will be changing very less often or after a long period of time. Ofcourse, wearing a new, fresh pair of lens everyday, is better over changing them after a month or a year. But, here you have to rule out your spending limit, keeping your usability in mind. If you think, the usage of contact lens of yours is going to be very occasional and you want something easy on the pocket, you can opt for yearly lenses. And if you have plan of using them just few days a week or so, you can opt for monthly/weekly lenses. 

If price is not a thing that concerns you and you want to wear them continuously with comfort, you can opt for daily disposable lenses. The wearing comfort of the lenses increase according to their usability. 


Very comfortable
Daily Disposable
Comfortable Monthly Disposable
Slight discomfort at the end of the day Yearly Disposable



As our body needs oxygen, to keep us alive, the oxygen goes through our nose and mixes with our blood through lungs. Have you ever wondered how our eyes get the oxygen? Ofcourse, through the blood vessels, but our eyes get some percentage of oxygen even through the cornea (the transparent part of the eye, over which the contact lens are worn). When we wear contact lens, the oxygen passage is reduced, a reason for which a practitioner usually suggests you to opt for Daily disposable/thinner lenses. Yes, Daily disposable are the thinnest lenses, compared to other lenses. Weekly disposable are thinner than Monthly disposable lenses and Monthly are thinner than yearly disposable lenses. 

We sell only FDA (Food and drug administration) approved brands which are:

  • Bausch & Lomb
  • ALCON 
  • Cooper Vision
  • Acuvue

We will soon update trial lenses product (Single pair), for first timers who want to take the feel of Contact lenses.