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Pro sf047 54-21-145 Womens Black and silver angular frame

Pro sf047 54-21-145 Womens Black and silver angular frame

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Again, an Unconventional shape for her. Can say the shape resembles a butterfly, the top rim has 1 edge, one part flat and another half curved (the part joining the bridge which joins both the rims). The edge where the stems joins the frame, is pointed both ways. The frame color in the front is black, rest of the frame is silver color.  About the design on the stems of the frame, nothing gaudy, just a simple line going along the stem, as if made joining two metal strings together. The tips (the part which covers the end of the stems which rests behind your ears) are translucent, which gives an elegant look, though not visible well to others, as it hides behind the ears. Will not add this to gaudy category, but different? YES! 

About the material of the frame, the whole frame is made of stainless steel and the tips covering the stem ends, are made of acetate to provide a smooth and firm grip over your ears. 

Frame dimensions:

Frame height : 50mm
Frame width : 144mm
Bridge width : 21mm
Temple length : 145mm

Care Instructions

  • When not using your glasses, always store them in the case provided.
  • Use the soft cloth which we provide with the glasses to clean the lenses. Doing so will improve the life of the lenses (the lenses won't get scratched easily). Try to use glass cleanig solution, as they can remove the dust from the lens surface.
  • If any screw or assorted part comes out of the frame, you may try fixing them, but getting them done by skilled hands is much recommended i.e., you can get them fixed from your nearby optician.
  • Get the nose pads (the part which sits on your nose) changed every 2-3 months, as they get hard with usage. You don't want them making hard spots on your nose.
  • Try to avoid keeping your glasses for long time in hot places, like car dashboard/glovebox, near kitchen oven or stove. As they can peel off the coating of the frame and lenses both.
  • Don't let your glasses come in contact with chemicals like acetone or spirit.
  • Keep them out of reach of children.

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