How to place an order for Only frame/Powered Spectacle?

Ordering Frame/Powered spectacles

Ordering only Frame: If you want to purchase only frame not the lenses, there is an option immediately after color option of the frame mentioning "Select what you want to purchase", in that select "only frame" and then add it to cart. 

Ordering Powered Spectacles: If you want to purchase powered spectacles/Frame along with prescription lenses, select "Frame with lenses" option, in "Select what you want to purchase" section. After you click that, a grid will appear, with title "Eye power", in which you have to input your eye prescription. Click on this link to know more about Eye prescriptions.  

If you are doubtful in putting your prescription details, we have provided another option of uploading a jpeg or png file, where you can take a picture or screenshot of your prescription and simply upload it there. 

After doing all the above, there will be an option "Lens type" in which you have to choose for what distance you want to make the lenses for. (People above 40 years of age, have different power for distance and reading)  If you want glasses only for looking at the distance choose "Distance vision", if only for reading, then choose "Near vision".

If you want distance and reading both in the same frame, choose either Bi-focal or Progressive. Click on the link Bi-focal and Progressive lenses to know more. If you are choosing Bi-focal or progressive, there will be an option of Interpupillary distance, where you have to input the distance between your both pupils.

After that there will be an option of "Lens coating", where you have to choose what all properties do you want on your lenses. To know more click on link Lenses coating and why we need them?