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Orsa Kids Cat Eye Black and Orange Frame ok526 48-16-125

Orsa Kids Cat Eye Black and Orange Frame ok526 48-16-125

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Introducing the "Orsa Kids" Cat Eye Spectacle Frame - A Perfect Blend of Playful Elegance and Vibrant Style!

Frame Name: Orsa Kids Cat Eye Spectacle Frame Brand: Orsa Kids

Frame Shape: The Orsa Kids Cat Eye Spectacle Frame beautifully combines a classic cat-eye shape with a playful twist, making it an ideal choice for fashion-forward young girls. The gently upswept outer edges and unique silhouette add a touch of elegance while maintaining a youthful appeal.

Frame Color: This exquisite frame boasts a captivating blend of black and orange. The juxtaposition of these bold and complementary colors creates a striking visual contrast that's sure to catch the eye. The dynamic black base is accentuated by vibrant orange highlights, infusing the frame with energy and personality.

Temple Design: The temples of the Orsa Kids Cat Eye Spectacle Frame mirror the frame's color palette with a sophisticated mix of black and orange. This harmonious color scheme continues from the frame to the temples, creating a cohesive and balanced look. The sleek design of the temples complements the cat-eye shape, enhancing the frame's overall aesthetic.

Frame Material: Crafted with care, the frame is constructed from high-quality acetate material. Acetate is a popular choice for eyewear due to its durability, lightweight nature, and ability to showcase a wide range of colors. This ensures that the frame not only looks fabulous but also feels comfortable for extended wear.

Temple Material: Like the frame, the temples are also fashioned from acetate, ensuring consistency in both style and material. Acetate temples offer a smooth and polished finish while maintaining the frame's lightweight feel. This material choice guarantees a comfortable fit and long-lasting quality.


  • Frame Width: 124mm
  • Lens Length: 30mm
  • Lens Diameter: 48mm
  • Nose Bridge Size: 16mm
  • Temple Length: 125mm

Embrace Style and Comfort: The Orsa Kids Cat Eye Spectacle Frame seamlessly merges style and comfort to provide young girls with a chic accessory that they'll love to wear. The carefully selected materials, attention to detail, and precise measurements ensure that these frames not only look fabulous but also provide an impeccable fit.

Statement Piece for Young Fashionistas: The Orsa Kids Cat Eye Spectacle Frame is more than just eyewear—it's a statement piece that allows young fashion enthusiasts to express their individuality. Whether they're dressing up for a special occasion or adding flair to their daily outfits, these frames are a perfect choice.

Elevate your child's eyewear experience with the Orsa Kids Cat Eye Spectacle Frame. With its captivating design, vibrant colors, and exceptional craftsmanship, this frame is a true embodiment of youthful elegance and style.

Care Instructions

  • When not using your glasses, always store them in the case provided.
  • Use the soft cloth which we provide with the glasses to clean the lenses. Doing so will improve the life of the lenses (the lenses won't get scratched easily). Try to use glass cleanig solution, as they can remove the dust from the lens surface.
  • If any screw or assorted part comes out of the frame, you may try fixing them, but getting them done by skilled hands is much recommended i.e., you can get them fixed from your nearby optician.
  • Get the nose pads (the part which sits on your nose) changed every 2-3 months, as they get hard with usage. You don't want them making hard spots on your nose.
  • Try to avoid keeping your glasses for long time in hot places, like car dashboard/glovebox, near kitchen oven or stove. As they can peel off the coating of the frame and lenses both.
  • Don't let your glasses come in contact with chemicals like acetone or spirit.
  • Keep them out of reach of children.

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